About Us

About Us


Set up in the early nineties by the late Micheal Mizzi, Dwejra Divers nowadays is managed by his son Mr. Jacob Mizzi(Director of Diving). Dwejra Divers is a group of freelance SCUBA instructors and dive leaders from all over Malta and Gozo. All are highly trained and certified professionals working out from the newly located dive center just a few meters away from Dwejra's inland sea (ideal divesite for training before heading out to the proper dive), 15,000 meters below San Lawrenz.

Dive safety and preservation of the marine enviornment are our primary concers.

Note: Collecting of specimens is not allowed. We like to leave it the way we found it

Jacob Mizzi Diving Director

Jacob Mizzi have been diving since the early age of fifteen years old. He is currently an ISDA master instructor that is qualified to handle any excursions outside to the deep blue sea. He has passion and specializes in boat dives, which can provide easy access to any divsite around Malta and Gozo irrespective, of shallow or deep, caverns or caves, cliffs or the open deep blue sea. All in all you will be in very good hands.

Our Dives